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Paving the way with support

Paving the way with support

You’ve seen them - road building companies that try and cut corners to underbid a project. They don’t last long.

In the tough business of road construction, you need industry-leading and reliable heavy equipment products backed by close, ready support teams that get your job done -  on or before deadline and on or under budget - so your reputation in the industry is bolstered.

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Reputation and performance on every job

Late completions and cost overruns have no place in the road construction business. Build your position in the industry with supportive and thoughtful solutions backed by decades of experience:

You don’t doubt it for a moment. You’re best at projects that are first-class and deserve your reputation for quality workmanship and reliability. Which commands top-of-the-line roadbuilding products—from pavers and rollers to compactors and milling machines and more—with flexible warranty solutions. SMS Equipment offers only world-renowned brand names meeting the highest standards of reliability and productivity; complemented by a select range of custom attachments. Your unique needs in today’s fast-changing market are defined by your feedback: we listen to our customers.

Without a budget, you have no project. Exceeding your budget can cost you a reputation. You need choices to win attractive bids and head off potential cost overruns. We work with you to determine and provide the most flexible options. From capital leases, operating leases with or without purchase options, to direct financing through conditional sales contracts are all available at competitive rates.

Often you’ll find it more convenient to rent some or all of the equipment you need for a particular project. Whatever works best, you can choose rent-to-purchase on terms from three to 12 months, or short-term rentals through our subsidiary KRents.

You’ve probably experienced a critical need for a critical part or critical service at a critical time. With on-site field solutions on call, you’ll never have to worry about unproductive downtime or dents in your reputation—however remote or seemingly impossible to repair. From small maintenance jobs to complete machine overhauls, SMS Equipment’s certified technicians employ the latest technologies and are always ready to deploy.

Like to be free from worries about unpredictable fleet operating and maintenance costs? A guaranteed fixed long term cost will assure you peace of mind to concentrate more on your projects and business. SMS Equipment’s agreement allows you a predetermined forecast operating cost on your machine fleet over a set time period. And with advanced technologies on the market every year, the equipment we service and sell is both more complex and more efficient. So we make large investments in our people to keep them well-trained and up to date.

Achieving all these savings day-to-day frees up capital and operating expenses you can apply to other business matters like expanding your market, growing your equipment fleet, or diversifying project lines. And you can confidently provide winning bids.
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